When people hear the word “insulation," the first thing that usually comes to mind is warmth, or keeping cool. In today’s buildings, insulation performs many vital functions that can have a lasting impact not only on heating and cooling and their associated costs, but on other important building considerations, including indoor air quality, sound, moisture control, comfort, long-term durability, and even the effectiveness of the roofing system. Different buildings, and individual owners, can have varying needs when it comes to insulation.

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Heating and Cooling:
50 to 70% of a typical home’s energy cost is directly tied to heating and cooling. Many homeowners are under the impression that an insulation package that meets the local building code is enough, but as with so many areas in building, minimum code is just that – the minimum. Building codes for insulation seldom take into account such things as air infiltration, or water vapor transmission. Failure to address these items can have a significant impact not only on the perceived comfort of a home, but on energy usage as well. A drafty room will cause occupants to feel colder and therefore require additional heating to compensate, increasing costs.

Indoor Air Quality:
The air in our homes can be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the air outdoors. In fact, indoor air quality has been shown in some instances to be 100 times more polluted than the air outside! While the trend of constructing buildings “tighter”, or with less air leakage, has brought energy efficiency gains, it also serves to trap pollutants inside our homes. The solution involves controlled ventilation to bring in fresh air and a reduction in emissions from materials within the structure. Using GreenGuard certified insulation products can make a significant contribution in the reduction of indoor air pollutants.

The insulation package that you choose can have a significant impact on the peace and solitude you enjoy in your home. Insulating the interior walls and between floors can lower sound levels between adjacent rooms and levels. While many insulation products can help lower noise levels, there are specific products that can make a dramatic difference in your home’s quietness.

One of the most overlooked functions of insulation is moisture control. If water vapor transmission within the wall cavities is not addressed, the vapor can condense, lowering the effective R-value (the most commonly used measurement of an insulation’s effectiveness). Water that condenses in wall cavities and on the underside of the roof sheathing can also lead to mold and the possibility of wood decay.

Our Company:
Bressler Insulation has been in business since 1978. The management team has over 60 years of collective experience in knowing what works and what does not work in our extreme climate. We offer advice based on our extensive experience, with prompt and professional service. We specialize in custom homes with the homeowner in mind, and also work on commercial and spec home projects.
As insulation is impossible or very, very expensive to re-do once the building is finished, our goal is to help you get it right the first time. Many homeowners incorrectly assume just because a home is new, the insulation package/building envelope has been properly designed and installed. This is not always the case.

Our product lines include Closed Cell Spray Urethane Foam, Open Cell Spray Urethane Foam, Standard and High-Density Fiberglass Batts, Rockwool Batts, Blown-In-Blanket (BIBs) Fiberglass Systems, Attic Fiberglass Blow-Ins, Vapor Barriers, Sound Insulations, Sound Sheathings, Polycel Foam Sealants, as well as Spray-on Thermal Barriers, and related accessories. We carry products to customize your project the way you want, and we have an experienced team that installs it the right way. Most of the insulation products we install are GreenGuard Certified for healthier indoor air quality. Our on-staff USGBC LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional is available to help you with green product specifications and programs, and can also help with the insulation requirements on LEED certified projects. We are a member of the Better Business Bureau, Indoor Air Quality Association, and US Green Building Council. We are also an Assured Energy Elite Blue Contractor. Assured Energy is special program utilizing spray foam that guarantees you energy savings.

Environmental Considerations:
While all insulations help protect our planet, we focus on the fact that the less energy a building consumes, the less pollution will be produced from heating or cooling that building. In Teton County, for example, a typical home insulated with conventional insulation would have an average monthly electric bill of about $275. The same home insulated with spray foam would use approximately $154 monthly, saving $1,452 per year. The annual electrical savings of 2,420 kilowatts would reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released in the atmosphere by over 4,000 pounds! Not only does high quality insulation save you money now on energy and operating costs, as power costs continue to rise, the insulation investment will become more important. Additionally, as climate change continues, the reduced pollution from the use of less energy will become essential in helping us preserve our planet for generations to come.